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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Finally Fall...

I had a little bit of time so I decided to play :) Thx Soto!

-Ribbon: from "Thankful" Blog Train by Dorky Mommy Designs
-Fonts: Walshes, Snowfall, and Amyie (by ScrappyShannon)
-TL Cluster, altered: from "Thankful" Blog Train by Cyndi Wetmiller, Wetfish Designs
-BR Cluster: from "Thankful" Blog Train by JeanneMarie Scraps, LBCreations - Designs by Babette
-"F", altered: from "Thankful" Blog Train by Cassel
-Frame, journal: from "Thankful" Blog Train by Lonetta Avelar, Creative Victorian Designs
-Glitter style: by from "Oh The Places You'll Play" by Day's Digi Designs
-Wood: from "Thankful" Blog Train by Anita Stergiou, Design by Anita
-Leaf & Background, altered: from "Thankful" Blog Train by Brandy Humphrey, Brandy Designs


  1. Awesome layout! I love the cluster on the frame. Beautiful work :) Wonderful, Susan :)

  2. Thanks! I just saw Lynne's Bride & Groom Layout in your FB gallery -- neat kit!

    PS it's freezing here! soooo cold the cat was shivering today LOL

  3. Thank you. I am happy people like that kit :)

    Oh it is cold here too. Just brought in wood cause I know we will need it tonight. My cats cuddle down on the back of the couch between the cushion and the back. Nice and warm down there LOL.