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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Freebie Kit - Celebrate Nature

Good Morning, Scrappers! I'm pulling another 'all-nighter", trying to keep up with everything I want to get done. Who hasn't? At least once? I find it is nice and quiet and I get so much more done. I just have to catch a few winks, later, or I'll be awful to live with. LOL

Since this is my first post for the Casual Scrapping Group (Yahoo), I would like to take a sec and introduce myself, properly. My name is Su, short for Susan. I'm mad about Photoshop and design! I live and breathe this stuff. LOL I'm retired, so, I have some time to myself. My three children are grown. I have two grandchildren, 4 step-grandchildren and one grandson on the way. One child, my daughter, Sarah, with the two grandchildren, lives with me. Such a happy household! (What retirement?)

I have been working on a kit for the #2 Late Summer Kit Challenge. "Celebrate Nature" is sort of my spin on celebrating all that dear, ol' 'mother (earth)' has bestowed upon us at this time of the year. As I type this, we are in the early dawn hours of Mabon.

Some of the less 'glamorous' elements of nature are found here. I drew on as many images of natural things as I could and highlighted some rather unusual 'critters'. I tend to make all of my elements huge, then, transform them down a little, so, don't freak out if you see an huge - oh, nevermind. You'll see. LOL

Here are the previews, then. Click on each image for that download from 4Shared.

I sure THANK YOU for your interest! You really should consider joining our happy, little group, if you like what we have to offer.



Monday, 7 September 2009

Just popping in!

Just thought l would pop over to take a look
at what is happening on the blog!
thought this pikkie sent in the mail might amuse....

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Now on Blogger

I've created this site for my digital scrapping blog.